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The access to equal healthcare across the EU via the E111 has been a a fiasco for years. Where we always treat first and then ask for money often not getting it back. The EU claimed equality but didn’t deliver. Where we always treat first and then ask for money often not getting it back. The EU claimed equality but didn’t deliver. At least with Brexit people will have to ensure they’re insured as we have to when travelling outside of Europe and shouldn’t get caught out..

Additionally, many well intentioned people have been recruited into a powerful crusade the Tea Party movement that promises the American people economic relief by slashing taxes and taking a wrecking ball to America’s government. The impact of the Tea Party’s reckless policies would be to financially decimate our government, further dismantle America’s middle class, and strengthen the chokehold that the top 1 percent has on the economy. Nonetheless, the Tea Partiers effectively seized the public narrative in 2009 and congressional power in 2010, quelling the wave of hope generated by the 2008 election.

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For this reason, we don’t want to do a major overhaul, but here are five projects we can complete with a little bitof time, and just $100. The key here is to be patient with your prep. Clean your cabinet doors, fill in any holes, and sand them, sand them, sand them! Don’t skimp on the prep or you’ll end up unhappy with the update.